• The noise

Most students complain about noise all the time. It doesn’t matter what day it is Seething well has something going on all the time. Mary Croft, 19, first-year English language and communication student said:” I have had to call security at 3am in the morning because my flat mates been loud and drunk.”

  • The size of the rooms

Most students are looking out to moving into bigger houses. All students are looking forward to have a living room where they can socialize. Lisa chen, 19, Illustration students said:” It will be really nice to have a place and not a kitchen environment to chat with friends.”

  • Flat mates.

One scary thing with coming to university is the fact that you will be living with people who you don’t know and they can either be your ride or die friends or the opposite. Different personalities in one room can be hard to take in. “I don’t really get along with my flat mates. Which has been quite difficult for me,” said 19-yeal old English language and communication student.

  • Bathrooms

All students are looking forward got getting bigger bathrooms. Georgie, 19, Geography student said: “The bathrooms are small. I cannot wait to move out and get a bigger bathroom.”

  • Fire alarms

The noise from the fire alarm at 5 in the morning will not be missed. 

  • Cleaning

Students don’t see the point of paying if one forgets to do their cleaning. A charge fee of £18 is not worth it.

BY: Soile Ntutu


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