Keep It Clean Campaign Is A Spring Success

More than 50 students have participated with the campaign, working alongside with the campus’s Hall connectors.

SeethinIMG_0255[1]g Wells have launched a campaign to keep halls clean so far has caused mixed reaction at the Surbiton based campus. The campaign was launched at the beginning of March in hopes to get students active in keeping a cleaner student lifestyle.

The scheme is to last right to the end of the month with a prize going to the best kept hall.

Halls connector William Smith, 23,  has played a big role in the campaign, said: ”The campaign is a great success, it brings people together. It is a communal event, people work together and enjoy the hard effort they put in.”

More students have taken to the scheme as posters are spread across the halls.

Ramla Mohamed, 19, first year student said: ”I think it’s a brilliant idea. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to hear about the campaign until the middle of the month, so I would have liked a little more notice. But seeing more posters put up have helped with getting students taking part.”

The campaign was a much needed boost to get the students working together at the busiest study period of the year.

However, there have been some students that believe that the scheme will not do much to change the outcome of the halls conditions.

Mona Warsama, 23, economics student said: ”This scheme won’t do anything because people are either lazy or busy to clean. The kitchens are always dirty, and there is rubbish lying everywhere. I don’t want to clean just so others can create more rubbish.”

For more information on the campaign, you can contact Seething Well’s halls connectors on 077 1742 687.

Written by Nafisa Haje


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