Short survey reveals that over 60 per cent of Seething Wells students unhappy with bathrooms and security

A Seething Wells en-suite

A Seething Wells en-suite Photography by Grace Newton

Students living in Seething Wells are reported to be the happiest in Kingston University, but according to a recent survey the bathrooms are bringing them down.

Over 60 per cent of students have experienced problems with their en-suite’s at least once during their time at the Portsmouth Road halls of residence, according to a survey of fifteen people.

“Flooded shower”
Nancy Williams, 19, second-year Criminology student said: “The bathrooms are disgusting. They’re really small and they smell. My shower flooded out into my room [but] I just sorted it out myself.”

University service complaints including accommodation increased nearly four times over between the period of 2011-12 and 2012-13, from nine complaints to 34.

“No hot water”
Criticisms such as the showers being “too small” and one case of a whole weekend without hot water are big issues for the students; the majority of whom are paying £4,990 per 40 week stay.

Will, 21, third-year History student, who is also a Halls Connector for Seething Wells, said: “There isn’t really anything I dislike about Seething Wells…The bathrooms are a bit small.”

Often Kingston Bridge House is the worst for student complaints, where most occupants have to share bathrooms, but at Seething Wells all of the accommodation available is en-suite.

Screengrab of survey monkey

Screengrab of survey monkey Photography by Grace Newton

“Their showers are like a post-it note”
Joe Toone, 19, first-year Film Studies student lives at home with his parents, but often visits his friends at Seething Wells: “I love it here. But I like it more at home. Their showers [here] are like a post-it note.”

Amongst other complaints in the independent survey of Seething Wells students, is the security at the halls of residence, with many students feeling unhappy with the security staff.

Security received varied feedback in the survey, with comments ranging from: “They watch over you a bit too much”, to: “rude” and “annoying”.

All complaints are taken very seriously by the university, and students are reminded that if they need to make a complaint they can call the halls manager Lucy Kershaw on 020 8255 2401 or follow the Student Complaints Guidance.

The online survey, which was half of the survey, can be viewed here.

Written by Grace Newton

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