Seething wells washing machines are spinning out of control.

Seething wells has more than 603 en-suite rooms, arranged in flats with six students sharing a kitchen, plus 119 budget en-suite rooms.

However all the students living in Seething wells share a small washing area with only six washing machines and six dryers.

Hollie Goodridge, 19, First year Biology student said: “ I think the washing machines are fine but they’re not that many of them considering the amount of people.

“They are just regular sized so you can not fit loads in them either.”

Jack Nicholls, 19, Creative writing student:” Their really should be more washing machines and dryers. There are just aren’t enough, and I often find myself having to wait a while before one becomes available.”

Many students find themselves carrying their dirty laundry back home during the weekend. However for International students the case is different.

Lisa Chen, 19, Illustration student said:” It would really be helpful if we could check if the machines were free online, rather than walking all the way to reception and then find out you can not really wash up because they aren’t enough washing machines.

“The few that are there are dysfunctional, and the price they charge us is not worth it. I would rather wash by myself.”

Seething wells students would prefer if the washing machines were 24 hours and also have a system of having a card to pay their washing instead of carrying coins. Circuit laundry card is a system seething well should invest in. It enables you to check the availability of washers and dryers in real time and also top-up online.

Annabel Childs, 19, Geography student said:” They are quite expensive. Cheaper would be good.”

“During weekends you cannot get your laundry done because it’s crowded. I wish it were 24 hours. It would save people time,” said 19-year old Architecture student Priyanka Dapodikar.

Kingston University is a member of the Universities UK approved code of practice for the management of student accommodation. This aims to raise the standards of accommodation above that which is required by law.

Students are therefore reminded to take the complaint to the manager of the problem they are facing. And they can call the Kingston University Accommodation services on 02084173829.

BY: Soile Ntutu

Seething wells dryers.

Seething wells dryers.


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