General elections: What do seething well students think?

Seething wells students will vote Labour on May 7 during the general elections, a short survey has revealed.

According to the Guardian news in January 16 2015, since the electoral reforms, 100,000 registered voters have been lost in London.

Molly Ginns, 19, first year Graphic design student said: “I am not sure to be honest however I will probably vote for Labour as they seem to promote the idea of being fair to everyone.

“Also because they promise to cap university tuition fees from £9,000 to £6,000.

“The Green party also because of their campaign towards the environment.”

Aisha Sundas Ishaq, 24, International students said: “ The most genuine candidate for me is Ed Miliband, and that’s why I would vote Labour.

“Since I am not a UK citizen I am not eligible to vote.”

In June 2014, a new system was introduced allowing people to individually register their vote. For the first time ever, the electorate can register online.

Riccardo Antonini, 20, engineering student from Italy said:” In all honesty, I have no interest in British politics, so even if I was able to vote, I probably would not.”

Rachel Parsons, 19, first-year Criminology student said:” I am looking in voting for the conservatives. Although I don’t consider myself a member of the conservative party.

“They have done a good job of getting us out of the economic dip. I am unconvinced by other party’s promises.”

Most students living in seething wells halls want one thing to change during the general election, which is the reduction of tuition fees.

Lylah Drummond-Clarke, 19, first-year Biology student said:” I will be voting for Labour. They seem to recognize that Britain will grow if young people are considered.

“ I like the idea of reducing tuition fees.”

Seething wells students will mostly vote for free education in this year’s general election.

BY: Soile Ntutu


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