Mayoral hopeful plans to cut Kingston night buses

2970894_f6d420dfA Mayoral hopeful released a video of an empty Kingston night bus today in a controversial scheme to save the capital money by cutting transport costs.

“Ghost buses”
The 85 night bus, which takes late-night commuters from Kingston Hall Road to Putney Bridge Station, was the main focus of the video in which Stephen Greenhalgh emphasised the waste of funding on “ghost buses”.

The 47-year-old born and bred Londoner, who made the video last Thursday at 10.30pm, said: “We are here on the 85. There are still only two other people on the bus.”

“Unsafe for students”
If plans went ahead, then Seething Wells residents would miss out on the 65 night bus during the week, which is often the only safe way to travel from Kingston town centre to halls after midnight.

“Problem buses”
This comes as a blow to Seething Wells students who already have problems with the university’s intersite buses. Mladen Marinkovic, 22, First-Year Film Studies student, had been waiting for the free bus for over an hour when he told Swaction: “The buses are a problem.”

This follows Greenhalgh’s pledge in January which emphasised the need the a safer London with cheaper transport for workers, as seen in the video below.

Greenhalgh is the current Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime but hopes to succeed Boris Johnson as the Conservative London Mayor in the Mayoral election next year.

In the video, the Tory said: “Of course you need a 24-hour service at night times on a Friday and Saturday night in Kingston town centre. Do you really need it on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday night, travelling virtually empty, being subsidised by the taxpayer?”

“Watch the video”
The full video can be seen on The Evening Standard website.

Written by Grace Newton


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