Seething Wells room advertised to public on flat share website

The photo advertising the room on

The photo advertising the room on

A Kingston student at Seething Wells advertised his halls of residence room on flat share website Spareroom as being available for non-students and smokers from 27 April.

The advert, which referred to Thanakan Apichadviroot as Landlord under the ad reference #3931872, included a photo used to advertise KUCEL Kingston Summer accommodation.

When Swaction enquired about the room under the guise of a non-student, Thanakan said: “Do you mind living in Seething Wells Kingston University accommodation for 2 months? …we make an arrangement.  the contract will be done by 27 June you can start moving in by 25 of April if you like”.

“Current Household”
The ‘current household’ is described as including three females and two males between 18-25, but with no deposit required for a two-month stay in the £125 per week single room.

“Smoking allowed”
The new flatmate preferences state that smoking is okay and that their occupation does not matter, though the Hall Withdrawal Form states that a new tenant must be a Kingston student and that smoking is not allowed.

The hall license is a legally binding document which means that the resident student is responsible for paying rent until the end of the term which is in June, otherwise incurring a £50 early leaver charge.

It is not known which specific room is available, though the budget en-suites at Seething Wells cost £107.50 per week whilst the En-suite’s cost £124.75 per week.

“Summer accommodation”
Seething Wells student accommodation costs from £276.50 per month for individual non-student applicants over the summer, which is available with a discount for students on

Following the enquiry, Thanakan retracted the offer of his room and told Swaction: “Sorry I forgot the fact that I need Uni student to move in.”


Written by Grace Newton


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